WAM Feet !

Wet Feet and Messy Feet for Wet and Messy fans and foot fetish folks alike.

If you have a foot fetish or enjoy wet and messy play you know that finding good pictures of either foot fetish or wet and messy fun can be a real mess. Often you search and search without finding any good foot fetish or WAM pictures all all. Now imagine you are somebody who wants both foot fetish and wet and messy pictures. Finding wet and messy feet pictures is even harder!

Luckily for everyone that loves feet and wet and messy WAM Feet is about to be born. When WAM Feet is fully launched it will feature the best in wet feet, messy feet, wet shoes, messy shoes and wet nylon feet on the web. All of WAM Feet's wet and messy feet pictures will be totally exclusive and answer the prayers of everyone that loves wet feet and messy feet and shoes.

To wet your appetite for the wet and messy feet that will be soon be filling the pages of WAM feet here are just a few samples of the messy feet and wet feet that will be featured on WAM Feet.


Messy Feet - Wet And Messy Foot Fetish Fun !
messy feet

This is just one of the beauties that will be featured on WAM Feet. This babe has a foot fetish and also really enjoys a bit of wet and messy play. So, today she has decided to have some foot fetish fun and get her feet messy.

She starts out by mixing up a big batch of messy and gooey red cake mix. The cake mix is really messy and sticky and will feel all squishy under her messy feet when she puts her bare feet into the bowl of messy food.



messy foot

Once the messy cake mess is made up she takes it into her bathroom so she is free to get as wet and messy as she wants to be without having a huge clean up afterwards.

Then she slowly lowers her bare feet into the mess making her bare foot all wet and messy. To this woman messy feet is one of the best feelings around. The initial feeling of having wet feet as she pushes her feet into the cake mix is exciting enough but when it starts to squish between her toes she knows she is in for a real treat for a girl with a foot fetish that loves wet and messy.

Wet Nylon Wet Feet - Wet Pantyhose Fetish !
wet pantyhose

Wet feet are fun on their own but it gets even more fun when the wet feet are clad in nylon pantyhose. This pantyhose fetish babe wanted to find out what it felt like to wear wet pantyhose.

So, she pulled on her tight nylon pantyhose and started to run the water in the bath. Once she was wearing her pantyhose and the bath was full she decided it was time to turn those nylons into wet pantyhose and make her feet wet.

wet nylon

She climbed into the bathtub feet first and the second her foot touched the water her wet feet felt great. The wet pantyhose feet clung to her flesh in a way that no other material would cling.

Following her wet feet she then got the whole of her pantyhose legs wet. Anyone who loves wet and messy knows nylon is one of the best materials to get wet because it takes on a total transformation the minute it becomes wet pantyhose.

This babe loved her wet pantyhose feet so much she has asked us when she can come back and get wet feet all over again.